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While I am a fan of the greatness that happen behind the camera lenses of a movie or TV show, I also have stories of defeat of some movies in this industry.

One particular time was when a TV show almost got cancelled because of a water damage incident. As if getting a water damage problem was not enough, it occured in three of the vital locations for the TV show’s shooting area. Hence, if not simultaneously attended to by MyWebpal in three different locations – Atlanta, Birmingham and Chandler – then the TV show sets would have ended up in disaster and the production would have no choice but to cancel because the management would be cutting off the budget in making any amends for the problems.

The problem started when in the middle of filming, a storm was announced to hit the areas. Not really knowing how to respond to the warning, the production team went on with the filming.

Thus, when the storm hit, the sets in all three areas were affected. Some were even flooded. After the storm, the crew did what they can to try and fix what the storm left. However, it was near destruction. The budget was near depletion and the time was running out until they had to comply material for the show to be actually aired.

It was a very  disastrous moment for the entire production team. Thankfully, one of the members was able to suggest to hire Mywebpal. At first the team doubted it because the problem was in 3 different locations. However, bless the greatness of said company, they were available in all these areas:




The company also had a great reputation in all the areas, and when they were asked to restore the damaged sets, they did so, expertly and efficiently.

The price was also very reasonable, considering the time restriction and the emergency situation.

The production team was able to haggle to meet the deadline and submit content for the TV show before the management was forced to cancel them.

Thankfully, everything else went smoothly after that incident and the TV show was a success.

The incident showed me that despite things not going as planned, motivation and passion will take you a long way and will get the job done for you. There is no “quitting” in this industry, only courage to look for ways to keep the balls rolling, no matter what the struggles.



bathroom repair
i need a plumber

I may never have first-hand experience about acting, but my constant fascination for this industry has taught me a lot of things about its ins and outs.

One thing that I have come to accept is the fact that actors have different ways of embodying each and every character that is assigned to them.

In an actor’s successful career life, there will be more than a dozen roles that he has to play. For each and every role, they have to undergo a process  of understanding how to portray the character and make it as realistic as possible.

Research is greatly given to these roles, and characterization is given key importance.

I have witnessed this when a starting actor was hired to act as a plumber for one of his movies. Beyond what is given in the script, the actor has to divulge into “plumbing duties” in order to fully understand the happy and sad things about the job. This way, he can portray the character in the most “real” way that he can.

I need a plumber” was the first words out of his mouth when he was presented the script – not because he needs bathroom repair, but because he needs an actual plumber to give him notes about the life of being a plumber.

His assistant was quick to act on the matter, as he immediately called an emergency plumbing services in the locality to request for a plumber that can take a break from actual plumbing duties, and instead lecture the actor about being a plumber.

The stance, the look, the body built, the manner of speaking, the relationship with clients, as well as the technical terms and all other aspects related to plumbing, were all studied and learned by the actor before the day of the shooting for the movie started.

Seeing such dedication and commitment from an actor is one of the reasons why this industry inspires me so much. There is so much passion behind the screen, and it fuels me to support each and every good movie out there. I am more than grateful that I get to witness this little details behind the camera. That is why I am not too quick to judge a movie, because I know that behind what is seen on screen, the people behind the camera all did what they could in order to produce a movie that they hope would affect viewers.


I’m a confessed movie fanatic. I would want to say that I choose movies first before I actually watch them, but somehow, whenever there’s a movie I have not seen yet, I will watch it, no matter the genre, no matter who the actors are, no matter what the plot is and no matter where I am.

I easily get hooked with any kind of movies not because I want to be an actor someday. Actually, I want to be a director or producer or anybody that works behind the camera. Being able to contribute into the completion of a movie seemed like a very great and noble thing to do.

Movie set construction with great roof

Image Credit: fadainc.ca

This obsession and dream of mine lead me to become very happy and frantic when a movie was shot in one of the subdivisions here in our area. I went to the movie set every day and I observed the tasks of each individual on the set, from the director to the camera crew to the set crew and all the other staff members.

One time during the shoot, a portion of the “new” house that they were shooting the scene from suddenly collapsed. At first I thought it was part of the scene. But after the director shouted a very loud “cut!” and when security hurriedly secured the actors from the debris, I knew it was not part of the scene at all.

It was later found out that the portion that collapsed was caused by mold infestation due to stagnant water in the roof of the set. Basically, it was caused by a faulty roof. Normally molds are not capable of breaking a house down, but when molds are able to seep through the house in very large numbers (whether due to roofing issues or plumbing problems) they also invite other pests to thrive in there with them. Thus, while mold may not have caused the collapse, it was the cause why the areas weakened. The crew who saw the mold just thought it was an ugly part of the cabin-like home and decided to just had it patched up with paint, thinking that it could hold up long enough to finish the shoot.

The incident  made me realize that these things seem to be a great part of a set’s regular “life” and it makes me appreciate the craft and industry even more.

I am no movie star but I do have a few good stories to share about how these famous celebrities are so blessed when it comes to money matters.

Well, it really is no secret to anyone that people who are in the movie industry are money machines. They are highly paid for the work they do. Some may think that it is such an easy way to make money. Well, this notion has its truths. However, if you are up for the challenges of sacrificing your normal and quiet life for a life as a public figure, then by all means, try your best to get into the business.

I have an understanding that these stars still work hard for the money they are earning. And while, money making and fame may be two things that are heaven sent, it does not come without a price.

Hence, I really believe in the fact that whatever these artist are earning, they deserve it, and they also have every right to do with it as they please.

Now, I have a friend who is part of The Joey Crews Team – a group of real estate agents that work for Joey Crews; one of the most reputable agents in the whole of Calhoun  County.

My friend happens to land on a budding celebrity. And while the celebrity is still new in the industry, the movies he starred in were great hits and his finances started to grow. Having come from a family that had close to nothing, the new found finances of the young star was immediately dedicated to giving his family what they fought hard for to achieve in the past years – a home.

The star asked my realtor friend to land him three homes, one for his parents, another for the rest of his relatives, and the third one for himself.

This capacity of the new celebrity to purchase three houses all at ones gives us all a slight idea on just how much these movie stars are making. It also makes you wonder how much more do the famous ones get, right?

Anyways, I just really feel lucky because my friend was part of a reputable agency, making him land a celebrity as a client. The fan that I am, I did went with them during one of the house visits and I had my picture taken with him. I even got the chance to have a small chitchat with him, and he told me that he was just lucky to have the talent that he has and gets discovered. He is aware that a lot more people are out there who has the same, if not better, acting skills. It was all in his will to get in the business to be able to give his family the life and comfort they deserve.

It was surreal, meeting a celebrity, because he was still new to the industry and was still not accustomed to the fame. Still, he was already a household name, yet the few minutes I was with him, I was able to see that he is still just a human being with a dream, after all.


Movie set with great roof and plumbing

Image Credit: monarchstudios.org

At this age and time, people can easily let their voices and opinions be heard. There are different media platforms that people can use in order to make a statement and there is freedom of speech, allowing anybody to rant if they want to and whenever they want to.

Indeed, technology has given the masses great power for communication, so much so that it has become a part of marketing strategies to check on the feedback that products get from the people, via social media sites, forums, and other media platforms.

This is why it is important to always give quality output, product and service, whenever you wish to engage the masses so that people give out nothing but positive reviews about you or your products.

This is especially true for those in the movie and television industry. A single mishap by a celebrity, or a poorly produced film, will surely spread like wildfire, because people can just type in and click and the whole world will start knowing about these “failures” and whatnot.

If an action movie got delayed because a celebrity got hurt because of a collapsed roof on its set, or when a production crew had plumbing issues that affected the whole neighborhood, then you can be sure that even people from the opposite side of the globe will be able to hear about it and will have a lot of things to say about it.

Thus, it is vital that the review panel of a production will be very thorough in checking all aspects of a project before releasing it to the public and leaving the whole world to give their own reviews about it. This way, there will be more positive reviews and the efforts of the staff behind the movie will be well-appreciated.

Too early-morning wake up calls, very late night wrap-ups, eating fast-food meals almost every day, and always prepping for last minute changes. These are some of the many things that people in the movie industry have to constantly deal with.


Broadcasting room with roofing problems

Image Credit: behance.net

An ex-colleague of mine decided to quit working for a national TV news station and instead decided to go back to her hometown and pursue the same work but, this time, for a local news channel only. She did this because she thought that local news TV offer her the same exposure and almost the same pay, for a lighter workload and a bigger chance of getting her social life back on track. She was dead wrong.

Her work was not lighter because even local news channels embrace the same culture and practice as that of national news channel. The only difference really, is that one is broadcasted on a national level while the other is broadcasted in the locality. So she did not only minimized her exposure, she did not get the time off that she wanted nor did she get a change in lifestyle. Still the same old early wake up calls and late night pack-ups.

One time she was so tired that she and her co-workers there decided to sleep it off at a dressing room. It was also raining hard outside so they did not bother going home anymore. While they sleep, she suddenly felt cold and wet. When she woke up from the feeling, she saw that the dressing room ceiling was leaking. They hurriedly rescued the props and other materials inside the dressing room and spent the remaining hours before call time, cleaning up the water and the mess that the hole on the roof left them. The situation was worse than the time that the station had a plumbing problem, which only frustrated her so much more. She does not seem to get a break from all the work and stress and now this happens.

When they reported this to their supervisor, she was tasked to contact a roofing company that is said to employ the best roofers in the area. She was aware of the company since it was really making a name in the locality as the best roofing company, able to provide their clients with quality materials for any kind of roofing emergency and repair needs. Their roofers are also well trained and have been polished by their experience and time in the field.

She did as she was told and was surprised that in less than an hour the team was in the set and started assessing the roof situation, not just of the area near the dressing room, but the entire studio. After a few exchanges of plans with the supervisor, the team proceeded to gathering their tools and materials for the repair of the roofing system of the place.

While they were at work, the people were still bustling about for the next TV segment and all other necessary work, as if there was no roof problem. This has always been how things are in this industry. Not a single fret is given for minor or major fallbacks. Instead, solutions are always sent forth and assigned to accomplishment.