August 4, 2017

In the show business industry, it can usually be difficult when you are just starting out. It can be a challenge to get noticed, or ‘discovered.’ This is why many people are attempting to make a break in the industry by themselves. Amateur filmmakers are very abundant, and they all have very distinct ways of producing good quality work. Here are a few ways that they do it, hopefully one of their methods will prove to be effective for you!

Be Positioned Correctly

If you are trying to get a good angle, you have to be careful not to block the light. If you are inside, this means that you need to be with your back against the window. The person or thing that you are filming should be in a spot where the light reaches, and illuminates them for the camera. This way, you will get the brightest image that you can, and nothing will be hidden. If you are filming outside, the principle remains the same. Try to keep your back to the sun, so that you can get the best quality possible.

Have Good Artificial Lighting

Sometimes it can be tricky to get all the filming down during the day before night falls. Filming at night is an inevitable part of this industry, so it is a good idea to get prepared for it. Having a good light source is key. If you are trying to get as much light as possible, LED light bars could be a good option for you. The OPT7 C2 LED light bar, for example, is an energy efficient yet powerful source of light. This type of light bar is typically attached to vehicles, but it can work very well for you as well!

Be Prepared

Sometimes you will be ready to go with your equipment and the lighting will be exactly how you want it to be. The only thing that is missing is your actors. Maybe they were late showing up, or they have forgotten some of their lines. This means that you are going to waste valuable time, while the light slowly sinks away. Being prepared means that every single person involved is ready to go. If this means rehearsing again and again until everything is perfect, then this is what you must do. Then you will be ready to go at the perfect time.


Even though it might be difficult to get used to it, you should always be able to get good quality lighting for your movie sets! Just remember the key steps involved such as being positioned properly, having good artificial lighting, and having everyone be prepared. If you abide by these rules of thumb, your films should turn out beautifully in the end! This is definitely important when you are using these films to get noticed in the industry. Producers will be sure to notice the care you took to achieve that top quality level of lighting.



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