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May 30, 2017

Having The Right Bed Betters Beauty Rest Before Shooting

If you’re an actor or an actress, you know that getting your beauty rest is vital to perform at your best. You can’t be exhausted and spend an entire day on a hot, lit up stage with make up crew constantly in your face. The other thing you can’t do is act while you’re in pain, it just doesn’t work. If you’re waking up sore, your performance may decline. You have to be at your best to perform at your best.

How To Get Good Sleep

There are quite a few ways you can ensure that you are getting the proper sleep so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and ready to get on set for an entire day.

Get Your Sleep-Wake Schedule Regulated

Your body produces a hormone called Melatonin. This helps to regulate your sleep-wake cycle and is controlled by exposure to light. Once the darkness hits, your brain is supposed to secrete more melatonin than it would during the day in order to make you tired. Unfortunately, there are many different aspects of your day that can disrupt this natural schedule. If you’re spending all day filming a dark scene even though it’s light outside, your body is going to think it’s time to sleep when it’s really not. Same goes for if you’re shooting a daylight scene all night in a fake environment and your body isn’t producing the right amount of melatonin. Fortunately, there are a few different ways for you to naturally regulate your sleep-wake cycle and boost your melatonin production if you’re having trouble.

Get A Good Bed

If you’re waking up sore and stiff in the hips, it may be time to invest in a good mattress for hip pain. These tend to be not too firm but not too soft, more on a medium firm scale. If you have hip pain, you may not perform at your best, especially if you are required to be physically active in your roll.


Your exercising habits play an important role in your sleeping habits. If you exercise thirty or even twenty minutes before bedtime, it’ll help you a lot. You don’t need to do all thirty minutes at once, but you can break it up into short five minute sessions. You can do some housework, take a short walk, do some gardening, and maybe even some sit ups. Eating properly in tandem will also help with your bedtime habits.

Don’t Give In To Anxiety & Stress

Stress, anger, and anxiety can cause anyone to not sleep very well. When you can’t sleep or find yourself waking up, jot down what’s bothering you. This may help you figure how you can get your stress level to decrease or to get your anger under control. We are all full of worry, but you can’t let it get to you on the set. It can compromise your career and life.


Sleeping is essential in order to perform well. You can’t work a full day on only an hour or so of sleep. If you spend your night tossing and turning from pain, worry, stress, anxiety, or any other reason, you aren’t going to be ready for the day ahead of you. You need your best beauty rest for your big screen career.

May 21, 2017

Become Healthier With A Clean Indoor Environment

You wouldn’t believe the amount of nasty pollutants that are circulating around your home as you read this. If you’re suffering from coughing, sneezing, dizziness, headaches, upper respiratory congestion, fatigue, or watery eyes and can’t figure out why, your home may have a poor indoor air quality. The air quality of your home has a huge impact on how well you feel. If it’s poor, you’ll feel crummy. The good news is that there are simple ways to increase your home’s air quality without spending a fortune.

Dehumidifiers Work Wonders

If you live in a humid location or your home just happens to be very humid all of the time, this is something that you’re going to want to fix as soon as possible. Moisture is something that mold and allergens thrive on. If you are sensitive to mold or dust mites, the humidity in your home is only going to make your symptoms worse. You aren’t going to be able to sit down and watch your favorite documentary about movie making if you’re constantly sneezing or have watery eyes. What you need to do is consider a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers are a wonderful piece of technology. They take the humidity out of the air in your home and turn it into water, collecting it all in a container. Before you choose just any dehumidifier, you should consider the size of your home and how much humidity you’re actually dealing with. You can learn more about this at

Other Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality

The amount of humidity in your home isn’t the only issue that’s causing your poor indoor air quality. If your home is filled with dust and dander, this can cause poor respiratory function, especially if you already suffer from allergies. There are simple ways you can keep your home fresh and improve your overall health.

Keep Your Floors Clean

Before you step into the house, wipe your feet. Large floor mats will keep the dirt out of the house if wiped off before entering the home. This reduces the amount of pesticides, dirt, and other pollutants that may enter the home. Once you do this, make sure you’re vacuuming or sweeping regularly and then mopping up afterwards. Mopping picks up what sweeping and vacuuming leaves behind.

No Smoking

A major cause of indoor air pollution is secondhand cigarette smoke. Cigarettes contain more than 4,000 chemicals and smoking can increase the likelihood of a child developing ear and respiratory infections, cancer, asthma, and SIDS. The best way to avoid this is to keep smoke out of the home and off of your clothing.

Radon Testing

No matter what age your home is, there’s the possibility of a radon problem. For those who don’t know what radon is, its a colorless and odorless gas that can increase the risk of lung cancer. It’s a radioactive gas that comes from the decay of uranium found in almost all soils. It can get into the home through cracks and holes in the foundation. In order to stop the problem before it gets too out of hand, test regularly for it.


Maintaining a healthy indoor air quality is much more than just putting a machine in your home and letting it suck out the moisture. It’s about cleaning, keeping the smoke out of the home, using natural products, and testing for harmful chemicals. Once your home’s indoor air quality has improved, you’ll find yourself feeling much better.

February 27, 2017

Getting That Beauty Rest Before Going On Screen


Sleep is an important part of being able to perform as an actor. When you slip into the various stages of sleep, different things happen inside of your body. As your mind eases into a subconscious state, you are completely unaware of the amazing actions your body is taking to help you feel better and function properly.

You probably understand that sleep is important to perform your best, but there is so much more to this necessary bodily function. Your body is doing some amazing things to keep you in top shape. Some of those actions can be detrimental if you do not take certain precautions, though.

Bacteria Remain Active

While you are blissfully unaware of the activity going on inside your body, the bacteria are taking advantage of an easier target. The reason you may have bad breath in the morning is because the lower saliva causes the bacteria in your mouth to flourish.

They attach to any plaque or food left in your mouth and have a feast, producing foul smelling gases in the process. Once the food particles are gone they begin breaking down the enamel of your teeth. For this reason, dentists agree that bedtime is the best time to brush and floss your pearly whites.

Restores Your Brain

One of the most important aspects of getting plenty of restful sleep is the impact it has on your thinking skills. When you sleep, your brain is busy cleaning up the adenosine buildup produced in your brain during the day.

Your neurons are also busy storing your memories and making connections. While your brain is busy, it keeps you from waking up by sending chemical signals to other body parts and diverts necessary blood supply to muscles that need repair.

Relaxes Muscles

Your brain sends signals to your muscles that relax them and paralyze them while you sleep. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. The relaxation helps your body to heal itself and keeps you from sleepwalking during dreams.

If you suddenly wake from a dream state, you may initially feel the effects of paralysis and panic. Also, the relaxed facial muscles can cause you to drool. One way your body keeps you from becoming dehydrated by drooling is to decrease the amount of saliva you produce while you sleep.

Muscle & Bone Repair

Muscle relaxation can be a troublesome part of sleep with paralysis, drooling and decreased saliva, but it is necessary. Those relaxed muscles are able to repair themselves with the help of increased blood supply going to them. During sleep, your body produces more human growth hormone (HGH) to repair your muscles and bones.

Your heart, the most important muscle of the body, is one of those muscles that greatly benefits from getting plenty of sleep. Heart rate decreases and blood pressure drops, giving your heart a chance to repair itself.

Hormone Regulation

By now you have probably heard about the appetite hormones that become out of control when you lose sleep. There are other hormones that come into play while you sleep to help you be at your best.

As mentioned previously, HGH is one such hormone. Another important hormone, melatonin regulates sleep and helps your mind relax. Testosterone and other sex-related hormones are balanced out during sleep as well. Your adrenaline levels drop as you fall into deep sleep.

Boost Body Systems

The cardiovascular system is not the only one benefiting from a good night’s rest. While you sleep, your immune system has a chance to go to work. During sleep, your immune system sends out chemicals and cells to fight off infection and cancerous cells.

Specifically, there are cancer killing chemicals that your immune system dispatches only at night, regulated by your circadian rhythm. Along with the immune system, your digestive system makes changes at night as well. Your digestive system winds down at night and decreases acid production. Your digestive system has to work hard all day and needs the rest that comes with sleep to repair itself.


Every actor/actress needs quality sleep to perform their best and remain healthy. The human body uses this time to regulate and repair itself. In order to give you the most rest, your body does odd things, like paralyzing your muscles and decreasing saliva that can be positive and negative for you. By preparing your body for sleep, you will preserve these amazing features and give yourself the rest your body needs for that big shoot.

February 8, 2017

How Body Language Can Negatively Impact a Character’s Likeability

It’s estimated that the average American spends 5.11 hours on any given day watching television. This is an astounding 32 percent of average waking hours. During this time, we develop feelings for the characters we see on the screen who share in our struggles, make us laugh and help us enjoy the completion of a busy day.

Whether or not you realize it, characterization is an aspect of the creation of any hit show that really draws us in. However, it’s not always the goal of Hollywood to make us like the characters on television shows. After all, there has to be a villain in a good plot, and it’s necessary to assign certain characteristics to key players in movies and television shows to provide the audience the balance of good and evil necessary to make for exciting plots that will keep everyone asking for more. The next time you enjoy your favorite shows, think about a few body language similarities some of our most notorious characters share.

Avoidance of Eye Contact

When we “meet” new characters on the television screen, we can liken it to the instances in life when we meet real people. There are certain judgements we make upon first contact, and one of the most important is eye contact. When you engage with someone who looks you straight in the eyes, it automatically triggers feelings of trust. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for the bad guy in a plot to avoid eye contact, especially when being confronted of their wrongs.

Poor Posture

Whether or not we realize it, we often look to television to seek a sense of leadership in our own lives. You may watch a certain series based on the strength of a lead character who gives you the motivation to take the reins over your problems or just admire your favorite character on a sitcom who has the ability to smile even when things are at their worst. A common characteristic of a strong leader is proper posture. A character with proper posture exhibits a higher sense of self-worth, one that assures us they have themselves together.

On the other hand, a variety of shows features a villain or needy character everyone loves to hate who slumps when they stand. While this increases your disdain for the character, it’s worth noting that, according to the Arthritis Disease Center, as much as 80 percent of the American population doesn’t assume proper posture. To avoid negatively impacting your own likeability, you can correct your rounded shoulders using posture correctors.

Negative Facial Expressions

Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, a simple expression on our faces can speak volumes. We grimace when something disgusts us and smile when things are going well. However, when we’re interacting with others, we often exhibit reflections that aren’t true to what we’re really thinking. For instance, you smile and nod while a coworker shows you an entire album of vacation pictures when you really need to get started on a report.

When it comes to television villains, we can, to an extent, appreciate their typical honesty when it comes to their negative facial expressions when reacting to others. Just a few examples include:

  • Nodding impatiently while someone else is saying something important
  • Pointing their fingers
  • Rolling their eyes
  • No apparent reaction at all when the speaker is sharing exciting news

While we can find it difficult to appreciate this common honesty in t.v. bad guys, it’s clear facial expressions are a great way to create a strong character even if it is done so to shed them in a negative light.

A Deeper Level of Television Enjoyment

We watch television for a number of reasons, but the most prevalent is to escape our responsibilities and watch other people deal with theirs for a few hours. Considering we spend so much of our time being entertained in front of our television screens, it only makes sense that we should gain a better understanding of just how we are manipulated into forming just the judgements against characters that producers and directors intend. By understanding how body language is used in negative character development, you can enjoy a deeper level of television enjoyment.

July 24, 2016

Movie Sets: Where the Movie Magic Begins

Movie Set Director

I’m a confessed movie fanatic. I would want to say that I choose movies first before I actually watch them, but somehow, whenever there’s a movie I have not seen yet, I will watch it, no matter the genre, no matter who the actors are, no matter what the plot is and no matter where I am.

I easily get hooked with any kind of movies not because I want to be an actor someday. Actually, I want to be a director or producer or anybody that works behind the camera. Being able to contribute into the completion of a movie seemed like a very great and noble thing to do.

Movie set construction with great roof

Image Credit:

This obsession and dream of mine lead me to become very happy and frantic when a movie was shot in one of the subdivisions here in our area. I went to the movie set every day and I observed the tasks of each individual on the set, from the director to the camera crew to the set crew and all the other staff members.

One time during the shoot, a portion of the “new” house that they were shooting the scene from suddenly collapsed. At first I thought it was part of the scene. But after the director shouted a very loud “cut!” and when security hurriedly secured the actors from the debris, I knew it was not part of the scene at all.

Molds On Roof It was later found out that the portion that collapsed was caused by mold infestation due to stagnant water in the roof of the set. Basically, it was caused by a faulty roof. Normally molds are not capable of breaking a house down, but when molds are able to seep through the house in very large numbers (whether due to roofing issues or plumbing problems) they also invite other pests to thrive in there with them. Thus, while mold may not have caused the collapse, it was the cause why the areas weakened. The crew who saw the mold just thought it was an ugly part of the cabin-like home and decided to just had it patched up with paint, thinking that it could hold up long enough to finish the shoot.

The incident  made me realize that these things seem to be a great part of a set’s regular “life” and it makes me appreciate the craft and industry even more.

July 8, 2016

The Importance of Reviews in This Industry

Movie set with great roof and plumbing

At this age and time, people can easily let their voices and opinions be heard. There are different media platforms that people can use in order to make a statement and there is freedom of speech, allowing anybody to rant if they want to and whenever they want to.

Movie ReviewIndeed, technology has given the masses great power for communication, so much so that it has become a part of marketing strategies to check on the feedback that products get from the people, via social media sites, forums, and other media platforms.

This is why it is important to always give quality output, product and service, whenever you wish to engage the masses so that people give out nothing but positive reviews about you or your products.

This is especially true for those in the movie and television industry. A single mishap by a celebrity, or a poorly produced film, will surely spread like wildfire, because people can just type in and click and the whole world will start knowing about these “failures” and whatnot.

If an action movie got delayed because a celebrity got hurt because of a collapsed roof on its set, or when a production crew had plumbing issues that affected the whole neighborhood, then you can be sure that even people from the opposite side of the globe will be able to hear about it and will have a lot of things to say about it.

Thus, it is vital that the review panel of a production will be very thorough in checking all aspects of a project before releasing it to the public and leaving the whole world to give their own reviews about it. This way, there will be more positive reviews and the efforts of the staff behind the movie will be well-appreciated.